Testimonials from our clients


 “I can recommend Neurofeedback as a treatment that works. For many years I have had headaches caused from slight head injuries over my lifetime. Ken Hutchins produced a Mind Map (a colored graph) that showed I had various hot spots in my brain where the headaches emanated from. After several treatments the hot spots disappeared and I no longer have those nagging headaches. The Neurofeedback method is gentle and all you have to do is sit and relax; and to be honest you don’t think anything is happening, but the Mind Map shows you that changes are taking place. Thank you so much.” 

- Paul Mackie

“I decided to try neurofeedback because I wanted to improve my ability to handle stress and achieve peak performance. I was pleasantly surprised with the results as I noticed a number of improvements. One of the first things that I noticed was an increase in my motivation to complete tasks. I also noticed an improvement in my word recall, short-term memory and ability to focus. In general, I find that my mind seems to just work more efficiently overall and I find it easier to get crystal clear on ideas that I have much faster than I used to. I’m glad I found out about neurofeedback and I would highly recommend this to anyone who’s interested in improving anything that has to do with their brain and central nervous system.” 

- J.D. 

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 Ken and Catherine,

Thank you so much for all your kindness and treatment for these 5 months.  You have included me like family and treated me as a friend.  The treatments have improved my well being, energy and alertness.  I feel calmer and happier since the treatments and not as overwhelmed about taking on bigger challenges.  The idea of creating change in my life now excites me and I look forward to new adventures.  I feel your rates are fair and the results are amazing!  Thank you for doing your part in helping my quality of life improve!

-a happy client- Lorinda

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